SUMMARY: The growth of several selected micro-organisms in rapidly dividing cultures of TX 71105 was studied. Bacterial proliferation was a function of algal growth and bacterial growth occurred, at least in part, as a result of the excretion of organic substances into the culture medium by rapidly dividing algae. These substances capable of supporting bacterial oxidation and growth were varied in kind and were utilized selectively by the different bacteria. Only a small fraction of the soil and air bacteria grew in the algal cultures. The majority of soil and air bacteria survived in mixed culture for several days but did not increase in numbers. On the other hand, 6 out of 8 bacteria pathogenic for man died promptly in cultures of but and grew well for extended periods of time. Fungi capable of producing macrocolonies on potato glucose agar at pH 3.5 did not increase in numbers during 8 days. Yeasts and actinomycetes were not detected by the methods used; bacteriophages were observed with some regularity.


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