SUMMARY: The morphology of 28 bacteriophages active on members of the Proteus-Providence group of organisms was examined by a negative staining technique. Examples of the ‘T-even’, T3 and P22 morphologies were encountered as well as phages with non-contractile cross-striated tails resembling a group of coliphages. Others resemble staphylococcal and pseudomonas phages. Two phages (9, 7479) with octahedral capsids were encountered. A temperate phage (12/57) and a temperate phage (10041/2815) differ from phage P22 in that they possess collars. A phage (7480 b) is unique in that it possesses a head with a regular hexagonal outline, a collar and a non-contractile tail while a Providence phage (9266) is believed to be the largest phage active on Gram-negative bacteria.


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