This paper describes some Neurospora mutants which grow on minimal medium when the gas-phase contains 30% CO (v/v); they are referred to as ‘CO mutants’. One is an arginine mutant (-2; 33442) having a mutation at a different locus from the other arginine CO mutant (-3; 30300); a second (-11; 30820) requires arginine+a purine + a pyrimidine for growth in the absence of CO; a third (44601) requires arginine + a purine + a pyrimidine + a carboxylic acid for growth in the absence of CO. The mutations in mutants 30820 and 44601 are allelic and the carboxylic acid requirement of mutant 44601 is attributable to its genetic background. The remaining CO mutants described here were isolated directly from wild-type Neurospora, and their nutritional requirements in the absence of CO subsequently determined. Two of these mutants, which are allelic, are adenine-requiring mutants sited at the adenine-3 locus, although the adenine-3 A and -3B mutants 38709 and Y 112-M2 are not CO mutants. Another two of these new CO mutants, which may be allelic, require carboxylic acids in the absence of CO; these mutants are similar in their nutritional requirements to the succinate mutants described by Lewis (1948) and Strauss (1956).


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