Many different strains of and members of other species of the genus were induced to lyse by exposure to the proper concentration of mitomycin C, a radiomimetic drug. For some bacilli, induction of lysis occurred only in Casamino acids containing medium but not in nutrient broth + yeast extract medium, whereas other bacilli showed the opposite behaviour. The efficiency of induction was a function of the growth phase of the culture and of the concentration of mitomycin C. Induction of lysis in resulted in the release of oedema factor and phospholipase into the medium. Mitomycin C-induced lysis of was prevented by adding chloramphenicol, actinomycin D, or -fluorouracil deoxyriboside up to 40 min. later. There appeared to be no sequential loss of susceptibility to inhibition by these compounds as expected.


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