L-cells were fractionated at various times after infection with EMC virus and assayed for haemagglutinin, virus and phenol-extractable infective RNA. A second fraction of infective RNA was obtained by sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) extraction of the samples after phenol extraction. The infectivity of SDS-extracted RNA increased earlier than that of phenol-extracted RNA, but the maximum titre was less than 10 % of the maximum titre extracted by phenol. The early rise in SDS-extracted RNA was largely confined to the nuclear fraction, and the infectivity of phenol-extracted RNA appeared to increase in the nuclear fraction before the cytoplasmic fraction. There was a simultaneous increase in thetitresof both fractions of RNA, haemagglutinin and virus in the cytoplasmic fraction from 3 to 5 hr after infection, and the maximum titres of infective RNA were found in the cytoplasm 4-5 1/2 hr after infection. It was concluded that synthesis of viral RNA begins near the nuclear membrane and then spreads outwards through the cytoplasm, but that there is no conclusive evidence as to whether this process begins in the nuclei or the perinuclear cytoplasm.


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