The identity of the polysaccharide antigens of Streptococcus mg and streptococci with group antigen F and type antigen III is shown by precipitation reactions with formamide extracts, cross-absorption tests, sugar composition and by the inhibition of the quantitative precipitation reaction. On this basis Streptococcus mg can be classified as an f III strain.

The relationship between Streptococcus mg and type I is explained by their common reactions with anti-III serum. Inhibition of the quantitative precipitations with simple sugars suggest that the determinant groups of the type III and the ‘salivarius’ antigen are not quite identical, although both antigens contain a β-glucosidic and a galactosidic group.

A second unrelated antigen has been found in some ‘salivarius’ strains alone (represented by strain 51) or together with type III antigen. The quantitative precipitation of the strain 51/anti-strain 51 system was only slightly inhibited by rhamnose.

The qualitative composition of the sugar components of the formamide extracts of Streptococcus mg, f III, both ‘salivarius’ types of 0 III are compared.


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