Species of the genera and have been investigated in relatively few countries, and a study of their occurrence in Iceland provides additional information on their distribution. Several new species of (, sp.nov.; , sp.nov.; , sp.nov., , sp.nov.) and one of ( sp.nov.) were found together with numerous species already described. In this paper, observations with both light and electron microscopes are given in detail for the new species. Electron micrographs of the scales and bristles of known species are also shown and, where appropriate, compared with those of the new ones. Three out of the four new species of Mallomonas fitted into the existing taxonomic groups, one belonging to the Tripartitae, one to the Planae and one to the Torquatae. The fourth was added to a group already containing three isolated species. The new Chrysosphaerella species is of particular interest because only a few species have so far been described in this genus.


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