Summary: The germination of spores of in media based on acid hydrolysates of casein has been studied. Germination of spores was estimated by observing the decrease in turbidity of a spore suspension and confirmed by observation with the phase contrast microscope and by the increase in permeability to stains. The optimum conditions for germination of spores suspended in phosphate buffer were incubation at 37° within the range pH 6·0-7·8 following heat shock at 85° for 10 min. Anaerobic conditions were not necessary for germination, and addition of mercaptoacetate decreased the rate of germination. The minimum requirements of compounds needed for the germination of spores of was the presence of L-α-alanine, L-phenylalanine and lactate. L-phenylalanine could be replaced by L-leucine but the rate of germination was slower. L-α-Alanine was essential for germination and was not replaced by any other amino acid examined.


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