SUMMARY: A series of 12 strains of various mating types was made resistant to colicin I () and colicinogenic for this character (+). In the absence of the sex factor, the number of “competent donors” of in broth cultures of colicinogenic strains was about 1 %. Transfer of to non-colicinogenic strains reached about 7-10 % within 2 hr of mixing, and between 50 and 100 % after incubation overnight. Cells newly infected with transfer more efficiently, and can infect over 90 % of a recipient strain with within 1 hr of mixing (high-frequency colicinogeny transfer, HFC). When the factor was present in the colicinogenic donor strain of a mixture, transfer was reduced; when was present in the non-colicinogenic recipient, transfer was increased. The colicin factor appeared to be transferred by a series of Hfr strains as an extra-chromosomal element.


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