SUMMARY: Analysis of the genetic behaviour of the colicinogenic factor E ( ) in crosses involving Hfr or F and F strains of 12 shows: (1) this factor is transferred with very high frequency from different donor bacteria; (2) its transfer begins to take place early whatever the type of donor cell; (3) it is not linked with chromosomal markers; (4) it multiplies autonomously in the zygote at such a rate that its passage to all descendent cells is assured; (5) the non-colicinogenic character of the donor parent does not appear among recombinant or recipient cells; (6) no lethal zygosis occurs related to the transfer of a presumptive locus.

All these facts suggest that exists in an extra-chromosomal state in Hfr, F and F bacteria.

No transfer of from F to F or Hfr bacteria was observed.


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