SUMMARY: An electron microscopic investigation was carried out on thin sections of both S and R variants of , strain : no ultrastructural differences were noted between the two variants.

The cells are limited by a cell wall, comprising an outer triple-layered membrane (65–80 Å. thick) and an inner homogeneous layer of variable thickness, and a triple-layered cytoplasmic membrane about 70 Å. thick. The cytoplasm and nucleoplasm of brucellae are similar to those of other bacteria. A characteristic feature of these organisms is the presence of membranous structures (300–800 Å. in diameter) associated with the cytoplasmic membrane. These “peripheral formations”, which occur singly or in clusters, do not appear to arise by obvious invagination of the cytoplasmic membrane.

No evidence has been obtained for the existence of capsules in virulent brucellae.


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