This work describes the identification and classification of a hitherto unknown group of α-haemolytic micrococci isolated from bottles containing dregs of fluid medicaments. The majority of the strains were both catalase-positive and nitratase-positive. In view of several similarities between these bacteria and the aerococci described by Shaw, Stitt & Cowan (1951), and later by Williams, Hirch & Cowan (1953), it is proposed that both groups should be incorporated in a new bacterial family, Aerococcaceae, despite the fact that the aerococci are catalase-negative and nitratase-negative. The suggestion that a new family should be established is prompted by the many dissimilarities between both the aforementioned groups and the representatives of the families to which they are closest according to the Bergey system. The new family ought to include one genus, , and two species, one of which, , should comprise catalase-negative and nitratase-negative strains, and the other, , strains which are obligate catalase-positive and may also be nitratase-positive.


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