SUMMARY: An agent which induced acidity and cytopathic effects in HEp-2 tissue cultures was investigated. The agent grew well in certain other tissue culture systems. Typical mycoplasma colonies were isolated from the contaminated HEp-2 cultures and on re-inoculation into HEp-2 cultures produced effects indistinguishable from the original effects. There was no appreciable growth in tissue culture medium alone. The mycoplasma had biological properties similar to those of known mycoplasmas, including type 1 (the common tissue culture contaminant), but was serologically distinct from these. Fluorescent antibody and Giemsa-staining techniques showed extracellular forms. Other mycoplasmas were shown to grow in tissue culture; induced similar effects to the cytopathic agent but was distinct in serological and biological properties. The agent partially inhibited the growth of measles virus.


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