SUMMARY: Wall and intracellular teichoic acids were prepared from several strains of staphylococci. Intracellular glycerol teichoic acids were found in all the cases examined but their detailed chemical composition was not determined. The presence and structure of wall teichoic acids is characteristic of the different species; thus, strains of all possess a teichoic acid containing glucosamine in their walls; this was shown previously to be indistinguishable from the group-specific antigen. Similarly, strains contain in their walls a glycerol teichoic acid with glucosyl substituents probably identical to the group-specific precipitinogen, polysaccharide B. The species is heterogeneous: three groups are distinguishable, one without wall teichoic acid and the others with a teichoic acid containing glucosamine or galactosamine.


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