SUMMARY: Isolates from seven virus stocks called tobacco necrosis were serologically related, but fell into two groups (serotypes) showing widely different degrees of serological relationship. Serotype A contained the five closely related strains (Dutch cucumber necrosis virus), and (bean stipple-streak virus); and serotype D strains and Strains and , isolated in Britain and the U.S.A. respectively, are possibly identical, but the others could be distinguished by the kinds of lesions caused in French bean, and by the symptoms it causes in young cucumber plants. The virus particles of all strains were hexagonal in outline and of the same width. They had the same absorption spectrum and sedimentation constants, and all except strain crystallized into rhombic plates. Only strain failed to aid the multiplication of the satellite virus. It is proposed to restrict the name tobacco necrosis to viruses serologicaly related to what seems the commonest strain, namely,


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