SUMMARY An examination has been made of serologically reactive products obtained from four strains of (serological groups B and C) and two strains of var. (serological group C). Cell wall preparations were hydrolysed with a preparation of Streptomyces muralytic enzyme and the soluble indiffusible products isolated. Rhamnose is the major component of both the cell wall and soluble extracts from group B organisms, whereas glucose is the major component of preparations from group C. Two products differing considerably in composition have been isolated from each strain of var.

The serological properties of the preparations have also been studied the results confirm that strains of can be divided into two serological groups. It is concluded that group B specificity is primarily dependent on rhamnose group C specificity on glucose, which is probably joined by a 1–6 β linkage to the adjacent sugar. The two fractions isolated from var. differ in their serological properties; antibodies formed on injection of this organism are predominantly directed against one component (in fraction I) whereas extracts react with sera against strains of group C because of the presence of a second component (in fraction II).


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