SUMMARY A mono-quaternary amine, cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (Cetrimide), and bisquaternary diamine, triclobisonium chloride (Triburon), were examined for their action on Cetrimide, at 30 μg./ ml. inhibited growth, but the organism was not inhibited by as much as 1–28 mg. Triburon/ml. Cetrimide at 20 μg./ml. inhibited citric acid accumulation. Triburon, at concentrations up to 160 μg./ml., increased the citric acid concentration, the maximum yield being at 40 μg. Triburon/ml.; at higher concentrations of Triburon there was an inhibition of citric acid production. The effect of Triburon was still perceptible in the presence of ferric ions. Cetrimide and Triburon brought about an initial increase in sterol concentration, followed by a decrease at higher concentrations of these compounds. The effects of these compounds on citric acid production by preformed mycelia were similar to the effect on cultures growing from spores.


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