SUMMARY: Autoradiographs were prepared from organisms of which were grown in an axenic medium to which one of the following compounds was added: [carboxy-C]glycine, [8-C]adenosine, [8-C]-guanosine, [2-C]cytidine, [H]thymidine, and [H]uridine. Trichloro-acetic acid extracts of organisms grown with the isotopically labelled glycine, adenosine and cytidine were prepared and the radioactivity found either in the protein or in the acid-soluble fractions was determined in a scintillation counter. was unable to incorporate glycine into the nucleic acids of the macronucleus; however, this compound was utilized in the formation of the cytoplasmic proteins. Thymidine was preferentially taken up by the macronucleus; uridine was found mainly in the cytoplasm. The other purine and pyrimidine ribosides were found both in the macronucleus and cytoplasm.


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