SUMMARY: Ultrathin sections of vegetative hyphae of and examined by electron microscopy revealed structure essentially similar to that reported for some other filamentous fungi and yeasts. The cell wall in section consists of elongated elements tangentially orientated. The nucleus is surrounded by a double membrane interrupted by pores and contains a denser body identified as the nucleolus. The cytoplasm contains well-defined mitochondria, vesicles (cisternae), unidentified spherical bodies, oil drops and vacuoles. There is a complex system of cytoplasmic membranes or membrane-like layers including the outer layer or plasmalemma, membranes (tonoplasts) surrounding the vacuoles and, in the zone of extension growth behind the hyphal tip, a more or less continuous, convoluted ‘cortical membrane’ separating a central core of cytoplasm from a peripheral zone. The possible significance of such a membrane in relation to cytoplasmic streaming is discussed.


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