SUMMARY: Ascites tumour cells were homogenized and fractionated at various times after infection with encephalomyocarditis virus . Infective ribonucleic acid (RNA) could be obtained from the nuclear fraction soon after infection and the amount of infective RNA recovered from this fraction increased until a maximum was reached at about 4 1/2 hr. From 4 1/2 hr. onwards the amount of infective RNA associated with the nuclear fraction fell while that from the mitochondrial fraction increased, reaching a maximum at about 5 1/2 hr. The amount of haemagglutinin and plaque-forming virus began to increase at about 4 1/2 hr. and continued to rise until 8 hr. Most of this virus activity was found in the mitochondrial fraction, although from 6 hr. onwards an increasing amount was found in the microsomal fraction.


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