SUMMARY: The number and distribution of flagella on six species of varied considerably for different cells of a culture. The flagellation reported for certain species of in the sixth edition of Bergey is in error. A flagellum on a cell might originate laterally or terminally. In some electron micrographs the flagellum was apparently inserted into the cell and attached to the cytoplasm. The diameter of the flagella varied greatly, and there was a tendency for certain of them to stick together in bundles. Some pictures showed evidence for the tubular nature of flagella, but this may have been an artefact. The terms monotrichate, lophotrichate, and amphitrichate are of little use as an aid in identifying a bacterial species, and bacteria should be classified as motile or non-motile, and if motile as possessing either peritrichate flagellation or with a tendency for terminal flagellation.


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