SUMMARY: Using a filtrate from an emulsion of skin nodules, lymph node and a milk-duct nodule from a calf dead of bovine Lumpy Skin Disease as starting material, a filtrable agent was isolated by serial passage in chick embryos. The agent affects mainly the skin structures of the chick embryo and results in a characteristic shrunken featherless embryo tightly wrapped in its amnion, and with almost complete disappearance of amniotic fluid.

The agent appears to be a filtrable virus approximately 10-25 mμ in diameter. It was not pathogenic for day-old chicks and adult fowls.

The virus was neutralized by the serum of fowls which had received repeated intramuscular injections of the virus, suggesting that the virus is etiologically related to Lumpy Skin Disease in cattle. Further work is needed before such a relationship can be regarded as established.

The virus withstood heating to 60° for 20 min., survived in 50% glycerol for at least 1 week, and at a temperature of +4° for at least a month. It was destroyed by boiling for 2 min. and by incubation at 37° overnight. Desiccation destroyed a large part of the virus in a suspension, but that part which withstood the drying process survived for at least a month.


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