SUMMARY: Differences in behaviour of and were found in growth experiments carried out in thiosulphate or thiocyanate containing media and using aerobic or anaerobic conditions. These differences were: and grew anaerobically in thiosulphate + nitrate and thiocyanate + nitrate media; did not. During growth of in thiocyanate + nitrate medium, nitrite accumulated but thiocyanate was not completely oxidized; no nitrite accumulated during growth of under similar conditions. After aerobic, serial subculture in thiosulphate medium no longer grew anaerobically in thiosulphate + nitrate or thiocyanate + nitrate media whereas did. produced copious growth on thiosulphate agar slopes under aerobic conditions; proved difficult to culture under such conditions, i.e. there was a failure to guarantee growth on each occasion, and where growth occurred this was poor. did not produce the mucoid slime associated with cultures. accumulated and subsequently used up tetrathionate during aerobic growth in thiosulphate medium; did not.


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