SUMMARY: The viruses of trachoma and inclusion blennorrhoea, like other members of the psittacosis-lymphogranuloma group, contain heat-stable and heat-labile complement-fixing antigens. The heat-stable antigen, which is soluble in ether and partly destroyed by periodate, appears to be chemically similar, as well as serologically related to, the lipopolysaccharide-protein complex shared by other viruses of the group. Complement-fixing group antigen was detected at all times during one cycle of multiplication of a strain of inclusion blennorrohea virus in HeLa cells. The amount of cell-associated antigen, about half of which sedimented under the same conditions as mature elementary bodies, remained constant for the first 16 hr. after adsorption; after 16 hr. it increased linearly, reaching a maximum 28 hr. after adsorption. The group antigen probably forms at a stage in the developmental cycle when large forms predominate and is later distributed among the smaller infectious elementary bodies.


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