SUMMARY: Extraction and fractionation of lipids from intact ellipsoidal and triangular forms of showed both to be rich in lipid, the content in triangular forms being twice that in ellipsoidal forms. Lipid was chiefly present in bound form with which principally choline was associated in triangular cells, whilst in ellipsoidal cells ethanolamine and serine predominated. Very little unsaturated lipid was found in the triangular forms, whereas a threefold greater iodine value was noted with the ellipsoidal forms. Polysaccharides of both cellular forms were extracted and fractionated. The triangular forms were seemingly devoid of glucan or chitin but contained a reducing polysaccharide that formed an unusual copper complex and appeared to be a polymer of glucose and mannose. The ellipsoidal forms contained a small amount of glucan and considerable amounts of glycogen. Cell walls were isolated from both triangular and ellipsoidal forms and found to consist principally of polysaccharide, nearly all of which was alkali-soluble. Walls of triangular forms contained somewhat more lipid than those of ellipsoidal forms, and phospholipid was twice that of ellipsoidal form walls.


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