SUMMARY: A strain of was obtained which was able to grow on acetamide or propionamide as sole source of carbon and nitrogen. When grown on these amides, whole bacteria and cell-free extracts rapidly hydrolysed acetamide, glycollamide, acrylamide and propionamide and slowly hydrolysed formamide and butyramide. -Methylformamide, -methylacetamide, -ethylacetamide, -acetylacetamide, -methylpropionamide, -ethylpropionamide, lactamide and methyl carbamate were found to be non-substrate inducers of the amidase when the organism was grown in succinate + ammonium chloride medium. -Methylformamide, -methylacetamide, lactamide and methyl carbamate did not inhibit propionamide hydrolysis by whole bacteria, but under the same conditions glycine amide, iodoacetamide and urea were effective inhibitors of amidase activity. -Phenylacetamide, cyanoacetamide, glycine amide, sarcosine amide, β-hydroxy-propionamide and thioacetamide were neither substrates nor inducers of the amidase in this strain, but inhibited amidase induction by -methylacetamide in succinate + ammonium chloride medium. Formamide also inhibited amidase induction under the same conditions.


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