SUMMARY: A cytopathogenic bovine orphan (CBO) virus isolated from a bovine with lumpy skin disease appears unrelated to any of the three groups of viruses now associated with this condition. The virus multiplies efficiently in cultures of whole chick embryo tissue and may be titrated by plaque counting methods. Tissue culture fluids contain infective particles of at least three sizes, with sedimentation constants of 460, 72 and 20 S. The intermediate particle, if spherical and lipid free, would be comparable in size to the virus of foot and mouth disease. Heterogeneity of the virus has also been demonstrated by plaque morphology, electrophoresis and chromatography on DEAE cellulose. It is adsorbed to fresh but not to receptor-destroying enzyme (RDE) treated red cells of chicken and goose, but haemagglutination has not been observed with cells of any of the species tested. The virus lacks enzyme activity comparable to that of influenza virus.


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