SUMMARY sp.nov. and sp.nov. are described and Latin diagnoses given. Both species form on V8 agar (Wickerham, 1951) club-shaped asci containing a single needle-shaped ascospore and are capable of parasitizing under experimental conditions. differs from by its capacity to ferment glucose and to assimilate galactose, -sorbose, -xylose, -glucosamine, adonitol, -sorbitol and pyruvate. In infected daphnias the asci and cells of both yeasts resemble Metschnikoff's drawings of As cultures of do not exist and its physiological properties are unknown, the possible identity of either or with cannot be verified and (Metschnikoff 1884) Genkel 1913 is therefore considered a Both yeasts were repeatedly isolated from marine substrata on and off the coast of La Jolla, California, U.S.A. Minimum numbers of viable organisms in positive samples varied for as follows: sea water, 2-58/100 ml.; fish gut contents (of and ), 25-5,730/ml.; surface of Giant Kelp , 520-39,200/g. was isolated only from sea water, 1-57/100 ml.


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