SUMMARY: Syntrophism was demonstrated between strains of and in a chemically defined medium which lacked phenylalanine and pteroylglutamic acid (PGA); however, the presence of -aminobenzoic acid (PABA) was essential. Enumeration of the two organisms in syntrophic growth was found to be possible by the use of Trypticase soy agar+0.25% (w/v) glucose at pH 9.0 as a selective medium for It was found that predominated in the early stages of the syntrophic growth, but that eventually predominated. Characterization by a bioautographic technique of the phenylalanine-active factor synthesized by and required by indicated that the factor was not identical with phenylalanine or shikimic acid. Microbiological assays of the culture fluid from cultures of indicated that three types of folic acid compounds were synthesized: (1) oxygen-stable compounds which supported the growth of (2) oxygen-labile compounds which supported the growth of (3) oxygen-stable compounds which supported the growth of but not of


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