SUMMARY: Endospores of Frankland and Frankland strain R (which is able to grow under highly alkaline conditions) germinated at a higher pH value than spores of an alkali-sensitive strain, Mu-3055. Spores of Jordan strain Ru 38 (able to grow at pH 11·0) germinated at pH 11·0. Spore germination at any pH value was generally followed by outgrowth to the vegetative rod. Outgrowth of germinated spores of R at pH 10·0 and of those of Ru 38 at pH 11·0 took place at 30° but not at 37°. Growth from a vegetative inoculum of R at pH 10·0 or 10·3 took place more readily at 30° than at 37°. The ability of the vegetative forms of both bacterial species to grow under alkaline conditions was transmitted through the endospore.


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