SUMMARY: The effect of copper, iron, manganese and zinc on the metabolism of catechol, -,- and -hydroxybenzoic, , - and -methoxybenzoic, 3:4-dimethoxybenzoic and vanillic acids was investigated. sp. and sp. mycelia which were deficient in the various trace elements were the organisms used. Only iron had any marked effect on the rates of metabolism and on the accumulation of intermediate products of metabolism in the substrate solutions. The intermediate products identified were: protocatechuic acid from -and -hydroxybenzoic and -methoxybenzoic acids; catechol from -hydroxy-benzoic acid; vanillic acid from 3:4-dimethoxybenzoic acid; -, - and -hydroxybenzoic acids from the corresponding mono-methoxybenzoic acids.


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