SUMMARY: The keto acid production of (strain CN2000) growing in submerged culture in complex medium was investigated. Pyruvic acid production followed a pattern in which there was a very rapid production of acid which reached a peak about 12 hr. after inoculation. The acid concentration decreased rapidly after 12 hr. and the final pyruvic acid concentration appeared to be very variable. The source of the pyruvic acid is believed to be lactic acid, the concentration of which decreased rapidly as pyruvic acid increased. The presence in the medium of sufficient iron to abolish toxin production completely did not affect the pattern of pyruvic acid production. á-Ketoglutaric acid production in the cultures appeared to vary in a random manner. strain G12/6 produced a maximum yield of pyruvic acid after only 6 hr. growth but was otherwise similar to strain CN2000. strain SM1 gave a maximum production of pyruvic acid after 24 hr. but in the presence of 3 μg. Fe/ml. production was more rapid and was like that found for strain CN2000. No correlation was found between toxin production and the production of pyruvic acid or á-keto glutaric acid.


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