SUMMARY: Marine bacteria from Atlantic coastal waters off Florida, isolated by a technique assuring that all would grow on a sea-water medium but not on a distilled water medium, were studied; 96 of 100 original isolates were characterized by morphological and some physiological properties, particularly those related to mineral responses. All isolates were Gram-negative rods or spiral forms, grew well in a simple saline-peptone medium, and most were pigmented and motile. All isolates required NaCl for good growth, and groupings could be clearly established for those whose mineral nutrition was satisfied, in a casein digest broth, by adding NaCl only, NaCl + KCl, NaCl + Mg salts, or all three salts. Lytic susceptibility in various mineral solutions and growth tolerance to various salt levels were studied. Some overall similarities, and a few correlations between mineral nutrition and physiological versatility, were established.


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