SUMMARY: The saprophytic strains A and B were grown in a partially denned medium composed of inorganic salts, Casamino acids, vitamins, nucleic acids, glucose and 10% (v/v) horse serum. The growth was less good than in the complex Edward medium; addition of known growth factors did not improve growth. Addition of yeast extract (0·05%, w/v) to the partially denned medium allowed growth equivalent to that in Edward medium. The serum could be replaced by 1% (w/v) crystallized bovine plasma albumin. The suboptimal growth obtained in the albumin-containing medium was not improved by adding cholesterol, Tween 80, lecithin and other growth factors known to be required by other spp. Riboflavin and nicotinic acids were the only vitamins found to be essential for the growth of strain A in the albumin medium. The Casamino acids could be replaced by a mixture of known amino acids. The pathogenic var. and grew in the partially denned medium when the concentration of the serum was increased to 20% (v/v) and yeast extract added to a final concentration of 0·05% (w/v).


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