SUMMARY: A serological comparison on gel-diffusion plates of purified preparations of factors I and II of the anthrax toxin obtained and indicated that all but one (factor I from sources) of these preparations contained at least two major serological components. At least three serological components were involved in the total system: A (associated with factor I activity); B (associated with factor II activity); C (not associated with toxic activity). These results indicated that no preparation of factor II of the anthrax toxin so far examined was immunologically homogeneous and that the serological connexion between factor I of the anthrax toxin (produced ) and the protective factor produced (Smith, 1958) was due to a common component not associated with factor I activity. There was some evidence that the method of measuring immunogenicity in certain culture filtrates of by serological precipitation (Thorne & Belton, 1957) is not generally applicable to all products of this organism.


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