SUMMARY: The sporulation of 51 strains of was examined in shaken cultures in potato extract and in Grelet's denned medium. Some abnormal strains are described in which the spores germinate within the sporangia or very soon after their liberation. The spores of could be completely freed from vegetative cell remnants by treatment with lysozyme followed by thorough washing. Rabbit anti-sera produced with these treated spores did not cross-react with the vegetative organisms. On the basis of their agglutination reactions the spores of 36 strains of were divided into 5 types.

A capsule-like exosporium was detected in wet Indian ink preparations on lyso-zyme-treated spores of more than half of the 36 strains. The exosporium was rendered visible in the phase-contrast microscope only after the addition of homologous spore antiserum. The exosporium of 666 consists of a capsule-like slimy substance which does not derive from the sporangium but which is probably produced during spore formation. The specific exosporium and spore coat reactions are described.


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