SUMMARY: The propagation of in embryonated hen eggs inoculated by the yolk sac and intravenous routes is recorded. Fourteen continuous serial passages were made in the yolk sac and sixteen passages were made after intravenous inoculation into the chick embryo. The mortality among infected embryos was low; splenic enlargement was the only lesion detected. Once the strain had become established. was seen in blood sugars taken from some eggs after each passage. Yolk sac or blood from infected embryos proved to be infective for mice on each occasion they were examined; 10 dilutions of yolk sac were also infective. was preserved for short periods at --30° in mouse and chick-embryo blood, but not in yolk sac. The organism was also preserved in mouse blood and chick-embryo tissues at --79°. The presence of 10% (v/v) sterile glycerol appeared to increase the stability of in chick-embrvo tissues stored at --79°.


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