SUMMARY: Protoplasts were prepared from cells of , strain M, by lysozyme treatment in the presence of sucrose. The protoplasts were shocked osmotically and the lysate thus obtained was fractionated into membranous ‘ghosts’ and soluble protoplasm by means of differential centrifugations. The distribution of various enzymes between these two fractions was studied. The bulk of the cytochromes, the succinic dehydrogenase and the diphosphopyridine nucleotide oxidase of the lysate was recovered in the ‘ghost’ fraction. On the other hand, the soluble protoplasm contained most of the isocitric dehydrogenase, the catalase, the hexokinase and the acid phophatase of the lysed bacteria. Considerable amounts of malic dehydrogenase, lactic dehydrogenase and fumarase were found in both the ‘ghosts’ and the soluble protoplasm. None of the enzymes studied was localized in the ribonucleic acid-containing particles of the bacterial protoplasm.


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