SUMMARY: Parallel physiological and cytological investigations of a chlortetra-cycline-producing culture—, strain 536—indicate some intracellular causes of the dependence of chlortetracycline biosynthesis upon the inorganic phosphorus content of the nutrient medium.

Increase of inorganic phosphorus in the fermentation medium led to a formation of large nuclear elements containing much DNA (in corn steep medium) or ribonucleo-proteid complexes in the shape of large volutin granules (corn steep liquor ash medium). As compared with the control, the nuclear substance/cytoplasm ratio in the hyphae is increased. The ability of mycelium overloaded with nuclear elements or volutin granules for chlortetracycline biosynthesis is markedly decreased. The influence of phosphorus on the microscopical structure of mycelium and biosynthesis of antibiotic depends on the composition of medium. The poor quality of certain batches of corn steep liquor used for the production of chlortetracycline is largely due to their high content of inorganic phosphorus.


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