SUMMARY: Sodium-rich yeast was prepared by aerating a yeast suspension in M-NaCl for a period of 60 min. This yeast contained then on the average 0·070-0·075 m-equiv. Na/g. dry wt. On incubating it with glucose, xylose or lactose in water, 0·1 m-KCl or 0·1 M-NaCl it lost some of its sodium, in the last case against an apparent concentration gradient. It appears that this movement of Na ion is of a diffusion character as evidenced by the effect of temperature, by incubation without metabolizable substrates and by the use of metabolic inhibitors; however, the possibility of an active contribution to this efflux cannot be excluded. The movement of Na+ out of the cell was shown to be connected with considerable changes of cell volume effected above all by changes of osmotic pressure of the medium, sodium being lost as a 0·06M-0·10M solution. A discussion of these phenomena is presented.


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