Summary: Forty-nine strains of vibrio were isolated from 32 of 43 samples of fresh water collected in various parts of England and Wales during the period October 1945 to July 1946. More than one kind of vibrio were found in 14 of the samples.

The types of vibrio isolated were heterogeneous in their fermentation reactions. Only three gave a cholera-red reaction. Twenty-five produced haemolysin for goat erythrocytes and all the haemolysins tested were filterable through gradacol membranes of 75 mμ pore diameter; an antiserum prepared against the haemolysin of one strain neutralized those of the other haemolytic water strains and of an El Tor vibrio.

Only one serological group of five strains related in ‘O’ and ‘H’ antigens was found; a few other strains showed H relationship and one (or two) possessed the H antigen of ; otherwise the organisms isolated were serologically heterogeneous with little antigenic similarity to one another or to known Asiatic vibrio types.


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