SUMMARY: Bacteriophages were isolated from several strains of and were assayed against an indicator strain. Counts of up to 10/ml. were obtained in both broth and a denned medium. The phages are stable at 60° but rapidly inactivated at 65°. They are unaffected by 50 % glycerol and are stable at pH 6.5--10.0 but not below 6.5.

About 500 compounds have been tested for their inhibitory action on the development of these bacteriophages. All the sulphonamides, amidines, pyrimidines, organo-metallic compounds, plant extracts, mould cultures and antibiotics tested were inactive at concentrations permitting the growth of the host. Proflavine exerted a viristatic effect while notatin and hydrogen peroxide were lethal in a defined medium but not in broth.


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