SUMMARY: A microconidial non-colonial heterokaryon of was produced from a macroconidial colonial and a macroconidial non-colonial homokaryon. The macroconidial colonial strain was found to have the genetic constitution (the of Barratt & Garnjobst, 1949) of ; and the other ; . The dominance relationships of and with their wild type alleles and the particular nuclear ratio in which they are present determine the microconidial non-colonial phenotype of this heterokaryon, As a further consequence of the dominance relationships between and its wild-type allele, only one of the two pleiotropic effects of the mutant gene is expressed in the heterokaryon. The enormous discrepancy between the estimates of the nuclear ratio by two different plating methods is shown to be due to an almost complete suppression of one type of homokaryotic colony by the other.


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