SUMMARY: Rabbit antisera were prepared separately against coagulase from staphylococci of each of the three main bacteriophage groups. Neutralization tests showed that each of the three antisera caused considerable delay in the clotting of plasma by coagulase from the autogenous staphylococcus and other strains of the same phage group, but little or no delay in the action of coagulase from strains of other groups. Staphylococci of certain phage types yielded coagulase which was not neutralized by any of the three antisera. Amongst these were types 3A and 42E which are usually included in groups II and III, respectively, as well as unclassified types (e.g. 187). Antisera prepared against coagulase from types 3A and 42E caused significant neutralization of coagulase of the same type only.


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