SUMMARY: Several metabolite analogues have been tested for their effect on the growth of and its ability to synthesize toxin and capsular material during the terminal bacteraemic stage of anthrax in the guinea pig. 8-Azaguanine, 8-azaxanthine and to a lesser degree, ethionine, α-amino--butyric acid and -fluorophenylalanine inhibited the growth of , whilst 2-thiouracil and pyridine 3-sulphonic acid selectively inhibited toxin production. Inhibition of capsule formation was at no time convincingly demonstrated. The annulment of these inhibitions by mixture of the analogues with appropriate metabolites gives evidence that hypoxanthine, adenine, methionine, alanine, phenylalanine and tryptophan are involved in growth and pyrimidines and nicotinamide in toxin synthesis.


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