SUMMARY: Comparative studies have been conducted with two strains of (NCIB 8132, NCIB 5346), one strain of var. (NCIB 7029) and a total of 26 celluloseless mutants obtained from these three parent cultures. In addition to the loss of ability to produce a cellulose pellicle, other consistent differences were also observed between the parent and the mutant cultures. Whereas the parent cultures oxidized ethanol to acetic acid this reaction was not observed with mutant organisms. The mutants showed (1) optimum growth in alkaline media, (2) growth in glucose yeast-extract medium in the presence of 10-12% (v/v) ethanol, (3) proteolytic acitvity, (4) growth at 40°G, and (5) growth in yeast-extract medium; these abilities were not shown by the wild-type cultures. Variations in colony form, nutritional requirements, the ability to produce acid from certain sugars and to oxidize glycerol appeared to occur at random among the mutant cultures.


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