SUMMARY: Gram-Negative Bacilli Were Obtained From The Oxford Strain Of In The Presence Of Benzylpenicillin, And Single Organisms Were Isolated From These Bacilli. The Properties Of Bacilli Derived From The Isolates Were Compared With Those Of The Parent Staphylococci. The Two Types Of Organism Differed Strikingly In Morphology, Staining And Various Biochemical Reactions. The Bacilli Were Much More Resistant To Benzylpenicillin Than The Parent Staphylococcus, But Much Less Resistant To polymyxin. Staphylococci were recovered from all the strains of bacilli. More than half of the recovered strains resembled the original staphylococcus in all properties tested, including phage type, when first isolated. The remainder formed a somewhat heterogeneous group, differing in some properties from the parent. Later, some members of this heterogeneous group also became indistinguishable from the original staphylococcus.


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