SUMMARY: (El Agheila Z), in lactate + sulphate media, required 10 mμmole Fe/ml. for optimal growth; no absolute iron requirement was demonstrable in pyruvate + sulphate media but iron up to 20 mμmole/ml. stimulated growth. In a sulphate-deficient pyruvate medium, in which this strain can grow, iron was not required nor did it stimulate growth. Organisms grown with limited iron formed limited amounts of cytochrome C, and in the absence of iron were markedly deficient in this; their content of hydrogenase was reduced to a lesser extent and their content of desulphoviridin was only halved. Iron-deficient organisms were able to reduce sulphate only slowly. Less than 1 % of the iron added to cultures was accounted for as cytochrome C, though only some 6 % of this iron remained in solution after growth.


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