strain TAL182 is a competitive strain for effective nodulation of beans. From this strain, a novel gene was isolated, which is 669 bp in size and required for nodulation competition on the common bean. The knockout mutant of TAL182 is defective in nodulation competition, shows reduced growth in the presence of 200 mM NaCl, KCl or LiCl and is complemented by the cloned gene. The deduced amino acid sequence of shows 66-72% similarity to stomatin proteins of and Expression of in from a T7 promoter shows a 26 kDa protein which cross-reacts with human-stomatin-specific polyclonal antibody. Like the human stomatin protein, the -deduced protein, Slp, is very hydrophilic except for a single hydrophobic membrane-spanning domain. Among various bean-nodulating rhizobia, is present in bv. and type A strains but is absent in type B strains. It is also absent in and several other spp.


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