The distribution and location of the virulence-factor genes of and and the structural gene of urease, ureC, were examined on the genomic DNAs of 115 clinical isolates of The majority of strains (81%) had two copies of on the chromosome, and no copies of or Southern hybridization with a probe, after pulsed-field gel electrophoresis of -digested genomic DNA of each strain revealed only single bands, suggesting that the two copies of exist on single fragments in each strain. Of the 115 strains, 7% had the and genes on chromosomal DNA. The three genes were also detected on single fragments in these strains. More detailed analysis revealed that the three genes were localized within 40 kb. By long and accurate polymerase chain reactions (LA-PCR), the distance between and was shown to be less than 8.5 kb. These results reveal a close proximity of the and genes on the chromosome of pathogenic strains.


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